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Iryna Shuvalova’s first collection of poems Ran is the book that was meant to happen. The poems in it resemble tapestries woven from light and shadows, the voices of the birds and the echo of the wind, the names long forgotten and the names never known. Ran is made of the living flesh of the words, that’s why every poetry line in it pulsates with life. In order to feel this unceasing heartbeat, just open the book.


The ‘Smoloskyp’ Literary Prize

first prize for poetry





The Ukrainian-German Oles Honchar Prize


The ‘Blahovist’ Prize

the best first book

It’s not easy to come to terms with the fact that Ran is the first book of a young poet. (...) Iryna Shuvalova is never lost even in [Ukraine’s] vibrant literary environment. She stands out thanks to her exceptional sincerity, brazen openness and the unique timbre of her poetic voice.

Serhii Baturyn




This is the first book of a young author, yet in it, we hear an already established remarkable poet speaking up. It appears that Ukrainian literature has produced nothing like Shuvalova’s writing until now. Her poetry is a richly and intricately woven combination of the music of the language, striking visuals and philosophical insights.

Svitlana Bohdan

Iryna Shuvalova’s metaphors are visible and palpable. They are there to be stretched to the limit, squeezed and caressed, deconstructed and then reassembled once more into that tight ball of words, emotions and entities.

Tetiana Trofymenko

Publisher: Smoloskyp

Pages: 144

Language: Ukrainian

ISBN: 9789661676229

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